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Why Vulnerability Management is Critical for SMBs

Why Vulnerability Management is Critical for SMBs

Bart Shaver

Dec 22, 2023


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Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • The Total Assure Vulnerability Management service provides visibility into your in-network and remote devices.

  • The adoption of cloud technologies expands your organization’s attack surface and requires you to secure your cloud-based workloads and configurations.

  • Our solution helps your organization meet required risk and vulnerability management regulatory requirements from Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Identifying Cybersecurity Gaps Across Your Enterprise

Vulnerable software and misconfiguration significantly increases an attacker’s ability to access and disrupt business operations.  Additionally, regulatory requirements like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require applicable organizations to perform security audits to identify weak configurations and exploitable software. Total Assure offers an enterprise-class Vulnerability Management (VM) solution that not only provides stakeholders with comprehensive visibility, but also ensures a firm grasp on vulnerabilities across a customer’s systems and networks, thereby reducing the overall risk to an organization. This solution is instrumental in meeting the underwriting requirements for cyber insurance providers, helping to reduce cyber insurance premiums in the process. Organizations often encounter  “blind spots” regarding their security posture; vulnerable software and systems become enticing opportunities for malicious exploitation. Total Assure’s Vulnerability Management solution is an essential tool for maintaining compliance and cyber hygiene, fortifying the organization’s defense from cyber attack.

Understanding Cybersecurity and Threat Landscapes

The cybersecurity landscape is a constantly shifting battleground where vulnerabilities act as open doors for cybercriminals. One recent example is the 2023 MOVEit compromise that leveraged a SQL database vulnerability leading to widespread breaches affecting 17 million users. This event echoed the log4j vulnerability of 2021, which resulted in considerable financial and reputational damage to numerous organizations, costing an average of $90,000 per organization for incident response. As of December 2022, roughly 72% of organizations remain vulnerable to this attack. It’s a sobering fact that, despite heightened awareness and technological advances, a significant portion of businesses remain exposed to such vulnerabilities. These incidents underscore the importance of ongoing vigilance and the adoption of advanced vulnerability management solutions offered by Total Assure to identify and mitigate these risks before they can be exploited.

What Is Vulnerability Management (VM)?

Vulnerability management (VM) is an essential cybersecurity process aimed at minimizing the risk of cyber threats. This process involves identifying, evaluating, and mitigating security vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems, networks, and software applications. The process begins by cataloging assets, network topologies, and system configurations (often misconfigurations) to gain visibility over an organization’s entire digital ecosystem. These are then assessed for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. Finally, these assessments inform a series of policy change recommendations and countermeasures to harden the organization’s security posture. Mitigation may involve applying patches, adjusting settings, or rearchitecting systems. The objective of vulnerability management is to reduce an organization’s exposure to potential security threats and attacks by addressing weaknesses in its information technology infrastructure. This is not a set and forget solution, as continuous monitoring and reassessment will ensure that defenses are current and effective. This proactive and iterative approach helps maintain system integrity and customer trust by staying ahead of potential security issues.

Beyond the Tools: Why It’s Imperative to Have a Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Strategy

A VM tool alone is not enough to become cyber secure. VM tools often rely on static definitions that do not account for the complexity of an organization’s environment or the nature of the impacted machine(s). These tools often lack the nuanced understanding needed to accurately gauge the severity of vulnerabilities in context. For example, a tool might categorize a vulnerability as “critical” on a system without accounting for the exploitability of the vulnerability or the impact of the system to the organization itself. Effective VM requires an ongoing commitment to monitoring and a set of codified policies tailored to an organization’s unique cyber risk profile. Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can significantly benefit from partnering with a specialized VM provider. Outsourcing to experts not only offloads the financial and staff burden of continuous monitoring and complex decision making, but also ensures a more sophisticated and contextual approach to cybersecurity. With a dedicated VM provider, SMBs can rely on industry-best practices, tailored strategies, continuous monitoring, and a depth of experience that turns vulnerability management into a powerful asset.

Choosing A Vulnerability Management (VM) Provider

Organizations considering procuring an automated vulnerability management solution must have a clear comprehension of the regulatory and compliance requirements specific to their operations. Identifying use cases for vulnerability management is critical, whether it’s for web application security, database configuration compliance, and/or HIPAA/PCI-DSS compliant cloud architecture. Vendors must be able to provide direct solutions to these use cases and understand both the technical and human capital costs involved in pursuing VM objectives over the short- and long-term.

Why Total Assure’s Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution Stands Out

Total Assure stands out by offering a modular solution that eliminates the technical debt associated with the implementation and upkeep of a vulnerability management system, providing a cloud-based system with dedicated personnel to manage vulnerability mitigation effectively. Total Assure’s Vulnerability Management (VM) differentiates itself in the cybersecurity market by offering a more holistic and adaptive approach compared to conventional VM services. While most VM tools focus on the detection and classification of vulnerabilities, Total Assure understands that this is just the beginning. Our VM service recognizes the importance of contextual analysis, ensuring that the severity of vulnerabilities is accurately assessed based on the specific environment and the role of the impacted asset. For example, a critical vulnerability on an internal workstation is treated differently from a high-severity issue on a publicly exposed server, reflecting a more strategic risk prioritization.Furthermore, Total Assure’s VM solution excels in its dynamic adaptation to the challenges posed by cloud migration. Unlike traditional VM tools that may not fully account for the intricacies of cloud-based infrastructures, Total Assure’s service extends to provide comprehensive visibility and control over cloud configurations and web applications. This means that as organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation, Total Assure’s VM is equipped to handle the expanded threat landscape with cloud-specific intelligence and security measures.By integrating continuous monitoring with a robust policy framework that adapts to the organization’s changing risk landscape, Total Assure offers a VM service that is not only proactive but also prescriptive. It goes beyond the norm to equip organizations with the insights needed for informed decision making and strategic defense alignments, making it a leader in vulnerability management for the modern enterprise.

A Look at Total Assure’s Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Services 

Deployment and Discovery: Getting Started with Total Assure VM

Total Assure provides a modular VM solution that easily deploys and quickly starts identifying risks to organizations.

  • Modular system integrates swiftly with in-network and teleworking setups

    • Comprehensive asset inventory tracks machine types, IP addresses, and rogue devices

    • Discovery scans map assets and can be tailored to the customer’s environment

Risk Identification and Asset Protection: Core Capabilities of Total Assure VM

Vulnerability scanning for networked and remote machines (telework)

  • Security configuration baseline scanning pinpoints vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

    • Web application scanning identifies risks in APIs and third-party components

    • Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) ensures deep analysis and compliance for cloud infrastructures across AWS, Azure, and GCP

Security and Compliance: Advanced Features of Total Assure VM

Identity management security, identifying flaws to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD before attackers can exploit them, like brute force, password spraying, and domain controller-targeted attacks

  • ICS and OT asset scanning assesses potential risks and checks for compliance

    • Attack Surface Management identifies internet-connected assets and evaluates security posture

    • Customized reporting facilitates regulatory compliance for standards like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR

Collaboration and Reporting: Total Assure’s Client-Centric Approach

Based on customer selections, TA devises implementation guidance and works with the customer to integrate the customer environment with Tenable.

  • VM infrastructure and deployment options fit any environment.

    • Vulnerabilities are tracked from discovery to remediation with actionable findings.

    • Customizable executive summaries and detailed reporting cater to all stakeholders, from executives to engineers.

    • Scans are scheduled to diminish the impact on IT operations, with clients having access to their own tenant for transparency and control.


Total Assure’s Vulnerability Management services offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities for organizations, from teleworking employees to the office and into the cloud. Our VM solution not only helps organizations meet regulatory requirements in identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across their networks, but also alleviates concerns regarding insecure web and cloud assets. We ensure continuous monitoring and reporting on exploitable systems and applications, equipping engineers and developers with the necessary data for actionable remediation. In a landscape where cybercriminals actively target small businesses every day through vulnerabilities that can be easily remediated, partnering with Total Assure is a definitive step in safeguarding your cyber defenses. Don’t become another cyber statistic, reach out to Total Assure to future proof your defenses and stay one step ahead of threats!

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